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3 Beautiful And Popular Beaches In Anyer, Banten Province Indonesia

3 Beautiful Anda Popular Beachs In Anyer Area, Banten Province
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The natural beauty of Indonesia located in the equator region has been famous around the world. In addition to the enchanting nature of Indonesia is also endowed with other natural beauty that is the beach. There are plenty of coastal areas in Indonesia that are famous for its beauty in foreign countries. Call it the beach area of Kuta and Sanur in Bali and some other coastal areas.

On this occasion, I will discuss the most popular beach tourism area in Banten province, especially the coastal area that is around the waters of Anyer Strait of Sunda. The popularity of the beach in this region is not only popular in the country because nowadays the tourist area is also very crowded in foreign tourists visit. And here is a return for you.

A. Anyer Beach area Banten Province

Anyer Beach
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Anyer Beach Area is located in the west of Java Island. Anyer Beach area has long been a tourist destination for the community, not only for the people of Banten province and surrounding areas only, but the area of Anyer Beach has been popular in the whole of Indonesia. Even many foreign tourists also come to visit there.

Anyer Beach area is always crowded by tourists in every holiday season. This is not surprising because the beach area of Anyer is the most popular beach tourism area in Banten province. On weekdays, this area is always crowded by visitors especially in the moment of school holidays, New Year and The National Holidays, making this area very crowded by visitors.

There are a lot of beach choices to make a holiday destination that you can choose to take a vacation with your family. Some of those beaches are Anyer Beach, Carita Beach, Karang Bolong Beach, Florida Beach, and many others. All of these beaches serve the beautiful panorama of the beach and have different characteristics between one beach and others.

In my next article, I will share with you one by one about those beaches. We feel very proud and grateful to God Almighty for being in the gift of the natural beach that is so beautiful and enchanting.

Anyer Beach area is also very suitable to be a tourist destination for your family because there are also many various choices of resorts and hotels to stay in. So if you want to explore the beach area of Anyer, you do not have to worry because the place to stay is widely available and of course a lot of choices that suitable for your budget.

Why do you need to stay? You need to know if you want to spend your holiday in this area then at least you will have to provide a week to get to explore the entire area of Anyer beach. That's because there are many beaches that you can visit.

This area is also very recommended to be your destination. So many homestay options offer a quite cheap overnight rate there.

B. Carita Beach area Banten Province

Carita Beach
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Carita Beach is one of the tourist destinations that are quite popular in the ears of Indonesian peoples. Carita Beach itself is located in the west of Java Island or more precisely located in the tourist area of Anyer beach. It is geographically located in Pandeglang district of Banten Province.

According to the decree issued by the Minister of Agriculture, No. 440/Kpts/UM/1978 on the 15th of Juli 1978, Carita Beach has been established as a natural tourism park. One of the things that become the attraction of the Carita beach is the white sand that makes this area very interesting to be visited by both local and foreign tourists.

The Carita district itself is very rich in natural resources especially the beach. Gentle and beautiful beach landscape with small sea waves, combined with a view of the Mount Anak Krakatau in the distance feels very beautiful and enchanting.

Carita Beach area itself is not too far from the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. The distance is about 130 Km to the west of Jakarta. The travel time is not too long, just about 2,5 hours with normal speed because we can pass the Jakarta-Merak toll road and exit at the East Cilegon toll gate, so the time is relatively short. From there we can continue the journey to Carita beach through the arterial line along the Anyer highway.

A family holiday in Carita Beach is very appropriate. There are a lot of game facilities as well as resorts and hotels to rest and stay overnight. Some of the game facilities available in Carita Beach are quite complete such as Banana boat, snorkeling, skateboarding, diving, and others.

Playing Banana boat with family is very exciting because it must be fun. For anyone who likes diving is also very supportive because the beach is clean, so we can be satisfied to explore the nature of the Carita beach area.

C. Karang Bolong Beach Area Banten Province

Karang Bolong Beach

Karang Bolong Beach in Anyer is one of the very tourism interesting destinations. And also you need to visit some other coastal areas in Anyer Area such as Carita Beach, Anyer Beach, Florida Beach, and also Tanjung Lesung beach. Karang Bolong Beach is also included in the most popular beach tourist destination in Banten province.

If you are from the capital city of Jakarta then you will need to travel about 3 hours to get to Karang Bolong beach.

Karang Bolong Beach area provides a unique beach landscape and different from some beach area in Anyer. Because of the uniqueness of this beach landscape then make many tourists who are curious and finally come to visit there. They are not only from domestic tourists but also many tourists from foreign countries.

As I have said above that Karang Bolong Beach presents a unique landscape beach. And as the name suggests, the scenery that is on the beach of the Batu Bolong is a hollow or perforated coral structure that is on the beach but the rocks are very unique and charming.
For you who like photography, the Karang Bolong Beach area is perfect place to be explored. There are lots of interesting places that are very beautiful spots.

Karang Bolong Beach does not only offer view and view in the form of Batu Bolong rock structure, but this beach area also presents another beach view that is not less beautiful. With a clean beach and clear seawater, this area is so dear if you just miss it.

Once you are vacationing in Anyer area then Karang Bolong Beach is very decent and recommended for you to visit. It is not complete and satisfied if you are vacationing to Anyer but not taking a visit to the Karang Bolong Beach area.

So, prepare your holiday soon this year and enter the beach area of Anyer and its surroundings on your list. Enjoy the beauty and charm of the most popular beach tourism in Banten province that will make your holiday and family more memorable.

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