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3 Beautiful Lakes At Dieng Plateu, Central Java Province Indonesia

3 Beautiful Lakes At Dieng Plateu Wonosobo
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One of the beautiful lakes in the Dieng Plateau tourism area is the color lake. By its name, the appearance of the water surface of this lake is very beautiful and colorful. The gradation of natural colors reflected the surface of the lake water produces a beautiful blend of colors. With the dominance of dark green color and a mixture of light green to brownish produce a combination of stunning lake surface appearance.

The location of Color Lake itself is within the nature reserve area or conservation hall, surrounded by the surrounding hills. Before you get to the location of the color lake you will be welcomed in advance with the many flowers of Hortensia that are along the way before the gate of the lake area of the color. Sighting the gates of the location in design with the patch of natural rocks that look harmonious. The Area along the pedestrian itself is good because it is already on the paving block so that making tourists who visit increasingly feel comfortable. After arriving at the location then you will be welcomed with the fresh air around the lake. The pedestrian area itself looks shady with the shade of the acacia trees located there.

Travelling and tour to the colors Lake of Dieng Plateau

3 Beautiful Lakes At Dieng Plateu Wonosobo
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Fame will be the exoticism of the scenery in the area of the color of the lake itself has long been admit by the tourists. Like storing a romanticism of the color lake always invites curiosity for tourists who visit the Dieng area. Even since the Dutch colonial era fame of the color wells already acknowledged by the world.

As a pair of twins, the existence of the color lake with the Pengilon Lake seemed inseparable and only limited by the tares between the two wells. According to the story of the mouth Kemulut, the existence of the lake color is not separated from the story of Goddess Nawang Wulan. According to the story at first, the lake watercolor is clear and clear color. Once the daughter of Nawang Wulan bathing in the lake. However, when the bath was finished, there was an angel scarf that escorted Dewi Nawang Wulan left in the lake. And consequently, the lake watercolor is colorful as it is now.

According to experts, the color lake can be colorful because of the content of sulfur in the lake. Also, the lake is also contained in sulfur. Both things that cause the water surface of the lake can change-change its color because of the reflection from the sunlight into the lake of color.

But one thing is certain, whether the myth of the story of the goddess Nawang Wulan is true or not or the opinion of the experts who can be true and can not, the beauty of color wells still inviting admiration amazed for anyone who has visited there. Are you one of those people who have visited there? Or maybe you're one of those who intend to go there?

The exact location of the color lake is located on the roadside of the main road to the site of Sembungan Tourism Village which is the highest village location on the whole Java island. Unfortunately, you can not enjoy the beauty of the color of the lake from the street because it is covered by acacia trees and also the plants are quite high. So if you are curious, there is no way but you come straight to the location of the color lake.

Area of the pond color itself about 39 hectares. In this area, many caves that hold many stories that contain sublime values such as Semar Cave, Jaran Cave, and Sumur Cave. Until now, there are still many people around that visit Goa to just pull over and meditate.

In the cave walls, there is a source of water that is considered sacred by Hindu believers. The holy water is called Tirta Perwita Sari or the water of life. The water is considered sacred by Balinese Hindu believers. As known to the Balinese people have a close relationship with Hindu believers in the Dieng region. To get into the good cave you must obtain the permission of the gatekeeper first because not just anyone can enter the cave.

Menjer Pond

Nowadays I will be reviewing one of the beautiful lakes in the Dieng area that is not less beautiful namely Menjer Pond. Menjer pond itself is the most spacious lake in the Dieng area.

3 Beautiful Lakes At Dieng Plateu Wonosobo
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Menjer Pond has an area of 70 hectares of pond water depth of about 60 meters. Menjer pond is located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level and is located beneath the mountain Sikundi. Menjer pond began to know the world because the photos were published by the Dutch citizen around the year 1940.

Because the location that is at the foot of Mount Sikundi makes the water source Menjer pond always abundant. In addition to being used as a source of irrigation of agricultural land, Menjer pond Water is also utilized for tourism activities such as fishing locations and so on. Even in the year 1982, the government has built hydroelectric power at the location of Menjer Pond.

The charm and beauty of Menjer pond are a favorite for local and foreign tourists who visit Dieng. With the dense mount Sikundi and the line of hills and natural rocks seem to be the guardian of the ancient and the beauty of the pond.

For you who want to visit Menjer pond, then you can go to Wonosobo city in Central Java. Later from the center of Wonosobo City, you can go to the north of Wonosobo with a distance of about 12 km and a long journey of about 30 minutes. Menjer pond itself is very easy to reach because it is halfway between the tourist lines of Dieng plateau. You just have to turn left before the traditional Garung market.

To make the comfort of tourists who come to visit Menjer pond, the management of the tourist area has provided a variety of facilities and supporting infrastructure such as public toilets, Musholla and parking lots of vehicles that Quite spacious and able to accommodate a large number of vehicles. For those of you who want to eat there are not yet available restaurant class dining But you can eat at the food stalls selling foods and also drinks in the area.
The Landscape of Menjer pond is almost similar to the tourist area in the summit area of West Java. At the top of the pond, there is a large tea plantation. The location around the lake is also very suitable for outbound activities. Menjer pond is very beautiful when seen in the morning and late in the afternoon. This is because the reflection of the blue sky will appear evident on the clear surface of the lake. Also with the shade of trees around the pond appears evident on the water surface of the Menjer pond.

For those of you who want to just try a hobby for fishing in Menjer pond then you can rent a boat to the residents around the lake. You can also rent equipment for fishing activities. If you are already in Menjer pond this area then you will be guaranteed to linger for a long time there.

Cebong Pond

The origin of Cebong pond is formed as a result of volcanic eruptions in the past that resulted in the crater. Seeing from the area of Cebong volcano eruptions in the past is very devastating. In the beginning, the Cebong pond was about 18 hectares but now only about 12 hectares.

3 Beautiful Lakes At Dieng Plateu Wonosobo
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Cebong Pond is located in the tourist area of Dieng Plateau precisely in Sembungan village which is the highest village in Java Island. The location of Cebong Lake is on the west side of Mount Sikunir. It is called the Cebong Pond because of the similar shape of the lake and resembles a small frog.

In addition to being a mainstay for the farmers around the area to be watering the farm, now Cebong Lake is also utilized and developed into a tourist attraction that has been very successful to attract the arrival of many tourists to Come there. The best time to witness the beauty of Cebong Pond is in the morning where the surface water of the lake looks sparkling like oil due to the reflection of morning sunlight.

Over time the depreciation of the Cebong Pond area also continues to occur. It is left by the process of sedimentation that occurs because of the natural process. To restore the condition of Cebong Pond as before, the Government has made efforts to dredge mud, garbage from inside the lake and also has carried out the rehabilitation process of the Cebong pond.

In addition to the Cebong pond in the village of Sembungan, there is still one more lake, the Wurung lake located at the top of the mountain Pakuwojo.

Based on the story that develops around the area there is a story that resulted in the lake of Wurung. It is said that the existence of the lake originated from the competition of two brothers to win the race that makes a lake given by their father.

The diligent brother chose a location to make the lake at the top of the mountain Pakuwojo while the younger brother who was a lazy man chose a location that was close to their residence namely in the west of Mount Sikunir.

When the time has come, the older brother has ascended to Mount Pakuwojo and began his work on making a lake. The younger brother who himself chooses to sleep until he wakes up in the afternoon. As the sun had begun leaning towards the west, the elder brother had completed almost the whole lake he made. The water began to flow into the lake from the roots of the trees around the lake.

Meanwhile, the lazy little brother did not even finish half his work. The shape is not even so clear and even similar to the shape of the frog or the Kecebong. He did not think too much from where the water source he would have been in the lake he made.

It turned out that all the brothers kept an evil intention to trick his brother. When he was afternoon he immediately climbed up the mountain of Pakuwojo to meet his brother. He later said that his brother had been told to win in the race and said that his father had prepared a gift of very delicious dishes and said that their father would immediately bring him to a potential wife Beautiful and lovely for her legs. To hear the news, then the brother rushed back home.

After the brother came home the brother then began to exercise his evil intentions. He then broke the embankment of his foot-made lake and drain his water into the lake he made. In a short time then his lake has been filled with water even overflowing to the embankment of wells. Meanwhile, the pond of his brother torn dried up.

He then did not even return to his home and chose to wait for his lake until the morning ahead.

The father finally sought the existence of his brother around the lake. Seeing the lake that has been filled with water, the father then said that the man who was the winner of the race and will immediately marry him with the prospective wife who had prepared by him.

Until now the brother-made lake is still dry and there is no water, and therefore then the lake is referred to as Lake Wurung meaning that the lake is not so or failed.

That's an article about 3 Beautiful Lakes At Dieng Plateau, Central Java. Hopefully, this article will be useful to you.

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