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Anyer Beach-Beautiful And Popular Beach In Indonesia

Beautiful beaches
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The West coastal area of Banten province was awarded a charming its beaches. Its long coastline and safe waves make it a bustling tourist destination in this area. Since the year of 1980, this region was very famous, and one of the famous beaches is Anyer beach.

The distance of Anyer Beach is around 120 km or it will take about 3 hours from Jakarta. The beach is just 38 km away from the city of Serang.

Anyer area is actually a coastal city that has become the target of the Netherlands during the colonial period. This is evidenced by the Cikoneng lighthouse that was established in 1885. The city is also a hub of the zero-point postal highway which was built in the 19th century by the Dutch (it was called VOC). At that time Anyer-Panarukan Street is a road that crosses the tip of West Java until the east of Java.

Apart from that Anyer has enchanting beaches. Anyer Beach becomes the most frequented beach of tourists. The white sand is dark and elongated, making this beach an idol of the Banten's community and its surroundings.

The beach here does not have corals and other rocks, so it is very safe to become a playground. The cool breezes and the relatively slow wave rolls make visitors will be comfort to playing on the beach. Many tourists also roll out the mattras on the sand just to relax and enjoy this beach.

Anyer Beach has also been equipped with facilities such as adequate lodging. Starting from the starry class to the Jasmine class (Indonesian called "Melati") can be a choice of visitors along Anyer Main road.

One thing that you should not be missed while in Anyer Beach is the moment of sunset or watching the legendary son of Mount Krakatau.

A Brief History Of Anyer Beach

The historical traces of Anyer beach are not only at Rodi's work during the colonial period. Actually, there is also any of origin of the name is quite unique. The name of Anyer is derived from the name "Anyar". As we all knew that the word "Anyar" is mean new (Javanese language).

Understandably, the beginning of the city's previous name was "Sudi Mampir". It was founded by the Banten Kingdom in 1667. Well, in the year 1883 Mount Krakatau which is in the region of Banten erupted tremendously. Almost all the world is shaking and destroyed. Similarly, the "Sudi Mampir" area stopped by this badly damaged.

A few years after the eruption, many people came from various regions. Finally, the area was rebuilt.

Well, this development makes the area of "Sudi Mampir" turning into a new area so that the immigrants call it Anyar or Anyer.

Address And Route location

The location of the area is located on Jalan Raya Anyer (Anyer Main Road), District of Anyer, Serang Regency, Banten province, Indonesia. It takes approximately 3 until 4 hours from the Jakarta area.

For heading to this place, the tourists will be given 2 routes and choice, let's take a look as follow :

First, get off the attack toll gate to Carita Beach. Then, enter the Anyer region.

On the second track, tourists can get out of the West Cilegon toll. After you reach the two branches, take the path to the area of Anyer. Just follow the road, then tourists will enter the beach area Anyer.

The road to Anyer Beach is very crowded especially when the weekend. For tourists who are surrounded by congestion, it is better to use the bus. Tourists can start from Pulo Gadung bus Station, or Kampung Rambutan bus station, or Tanjung Priok bus station. Choose a bus which heading towards to the Merak port.

Get off at Cilegon bus station. From there, use Angkot (public transportation) to the junction area. And then ride again the public transportation to the Anyer beach. The time is approximately 45 minutes.

Alternatively, tourists can also use rail transport. The journey starts from the Tanah Abang station to the Krenceng station in the Anyer region. Once you arrived at the Krenceng station, and then continue to travel to Anyer area, by using public transportation to the Anyer beach.

Admission Ticket Price Of Anyer Beach

The price of admission to Anyer Beach is around IDR. 5,000. And then for who carries a motorcycle, And it will be charged around IDR. 5,000 and IDR. 10,000 For the car.

Anyer Beach Lodges

Enjoying Anyer area can not only be a day or two. It is the most immediate three days. Because, besides Anyer beach itself, because there are many beaches that are not inferior to Anyer beach to be explored.

Some of those beaches are Marbella Beach, Sambolo Beach, Bandulu Beach, and the most beautiful beach of anyer is the white sand is Florida Beach.

Therefore, tourists need some cheap lodging in Anyer beach. In there, lots of variety and real choices like a lined homestay.

Complete address : Bandulu, Anyer, Serang, Banten Indonesia 42166

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