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Recommendations For Natural Dining In Tangerang, Indonesia

Saung Traditional
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There are a lot of dining options with your family at weekends that you can choose in the Tangerang area, Indonesia. One of the places to eat that is trending today is a place to eat natural nuance.

Here I will recommend to you five (5) natural-nuance dining place that is very recommended and worth your visit on weekends.


You do not have to feel confused when looking to find a place to eat with natural nuance in Tangerang because the city has a lot of choice of restaurants with the concept of natural nuance. One of the places to eat that is recommended and you should visit is Restoran Bukit Mourangan (BUPE). This dining place carries the concept of nature so that every guest who eats there will feel the natural atmosphere of the countryside is very calm and beautiful.

Bukit Mourangan Restaurant provides a Saung-Saung that you can use to eat together by Lesehan. Around the Saung area, also many greenery and pond fish so the natural atmosphere is increasingly felt. The food menu served in this restaurant is a freshwater fish and various types of seafood, then various types of fish such as carp, Bawal, goldfish, shrimp, squid, and crabs. Also, there are oxtail soup, Karedok, eggplant Balado, and many more.

Around the Saung we can see the rice fields that are made such as terracing or Berundak-undak and also decorated with fish ponds and the sound of the water rush that brings us like actually being in the village.

Other facilities available at the restaurant are VIP rooms equipped with karaoke facilities. You and your family can take advantage of the facility by paying the organizer for the first money.

Complete address: Jalan Cilenggang I No. 53 A BSD Serpong, South Tangerang.


One more place to eat natural nuance that is recommended in Tangerang which is a very beautiful atmosphere is Kampung Nirwana. The place is quite spacious and still relatively new. Saung-Saung is still clean and very neat. The village of Nirwana is a very suitable place to gather while having lunch with your relatives and family. The menu options offered in Kampung Nirwana are also very diverse and varied, ranging from roasted beef ribs, tamarind vegetables, oxtail soup, Tempe Srikandi, Crab Saos Padang, Colenak Abimayu, Karedok Bima, Bambu Nirwana Rice, and many more menus that You can choose from.

Kampung Nirwana Restaurant also presents an atmosphere of natural nuance as a theme. There is one unique thing that this spacious restaurant has a small river surrounding the entire restaurant area. Armed with the concept of a Lesehan restaurant that combined the natural scenery in the form of parks with rivers, make a beautiful view of the home of the Saung Nirwana.

Another thing offered by this Kampung Nirwana restaurant is the existence of an educational park for children such as crafts activities making and coloring ceramics, decorating hats caping, fish fishing pond, fish fishing pond for children, magic balloon arranging, Planting rice. Your kids will love it.

Full address: Jalan Cisauk KM 1 No. 8, Tangerang.


Kampoeng Aer Restaurant is one of the other places that are also very recommended for you to visit. Besides its very cool air, Kampoeng Aer Restaurant also provides Saung and live music entertainment every weekend. The Seafood menu is the flagship and the flagship menu that is provided in this restaurant. If you stop by this restaurant then you should not miss the grilled squid, because it tastes very good and become a favorite menu of many visitors.

In addition to the food menu, there is also a play area for children who are environmentally friendly and often also serve as a venue for weddings. So this place will be so much fun for your kids of course.

Address: Jl. SKKI Serpong, Serpong Utara, Tangerang


Still with the topic of eating with the nuance of nature, then you can stop by the restaurant Tirtonadi which is also in the area of Tangerang. The Saung-Saung is on the edge of a large pond that can be a choice of dining. With ample space, this restaurant also has a playground for your children.

In addition to the Saung, you can also eat together on the mat such as people who are picnicking. Various fish menu is available in this place such as carp, patin fish, carp to fish mujair. The fish can be cooked according to our willingness such as fried, burned, dated, use Sambal Tauco, Pucung to wear satay seasoning. If you want to save more, then you can choose the menu 4 air packages consisting of fish, white rice 1 basket, fresh vegetables, sambal, and fresh tea.

Immediately visit the location of Rumah Makan Tirtonadi with the address below.

Complete address: Jl. Raya Lekong, Serpong, Tangerang. Phone: (021) 29915961


No less interesting with other eateries, then a simple restaurant named Pondok Rizki, this place can also be an option that you can visit to relax with family. Many trees with a range of bamboo saung underneath there is a fish pond to make the atmosphere remind you of your hometown.

Besides eating, you can also do other activities in this place e.g. fishing fish. The Menu served in this place is also very varied. There is a halibut gurame fish, a grilled gurame fish, sate, fried to fresh vegetables and sambal. The Nasinya is presented complete with a basket that has been lined with banana leaves.

For those of you who want to visit this place should bring enough cash because this place does not provide payment by credit card or non-cash.

Full address: Jl. Circumference South, Kp. Sengkol, Setu, Tangerang. Phone: (021) 7563235

That's the place to eat in Tangerang with its natural nuance that you can visit at weekends with your family and relatives. Hopefully, this article can be a reference for you.

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