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Tanjung Lesung Beach - Beautiful Beach In Banten Province, Indonesia

Beautiful Beach
image via pixabay

As an archipelago country, Indonesia is fortunate to automatically have many beaches with beautiful panoramas. Whether it's a beach or a pristine beach.

Tanjung Lesung Beach is one of the beaches in West Java island that has been quite familiar with the people of Banten province and Jakarta. The beach with white sand that is lined with trees that grow on the shore is a beautiful panorama that you can enjoy to refresh the mind.

The name Tanjung Lesung itself is derived from the naming of coastal locations. This coastal form is jutting into the sea resembling a dimple-like end. Lesung itself is a traditional tool for rice mashing.

Location And Access

Tanjung Lesung Beach is located in Tanjungjaya village, Panimbang district, Pandeglang Regency, Banten province. To get there, every visitor must first reach Serang city. And then can choose through Anyer or Pandeglang, until arriving in Labuan city. Continue the journey through Panimbang market until you reach Tanjung Lesung.

If you are coming from Jakarta, the Tanjung Lesung Beach route is as follows:
  • Jakarta Merak Toll Road – exit from the East Serang toll Gate – continue towards Pandeglang – Labuan – to Tanjung Lesung beach.
  • Jakarta Merak Toll Road – exit from the gate of Cilegon – along the coast of Anyer – Labuan – to Tanjung Lesung beach.
From Jakarta to Tanjung Lesung Beach takes approximately 3-4 hours driving distance around 180 kilometers.

It is very recommended for you to take your private vehicle if you want to visit this beach to have more time there. But for those of you who want to use public transportation can use the bus for Labuan bus station. On arrival at Labuan bus station, you can use Ojek (Public transportation which used a motorcycle) to Tanjung Lesung beach.

What To Do In Tanjung Lesung Beach

Many tourists would like to spend time on this beach such as spending time on Bali beach. Because of the condition of Tanjung Lesung beach similar to the beach in Bali with the length of the coastline reaches around 15 kilometers. The stretch of white sand on the beach is very sloping making it possible for you to do various kinds of water activities.

Tanjung Lesung Beach has white sand and very soft. The beach is also still natural and very clean. For those who want a calm and romantic atmosphere, you can walk with your partner along the coastline accompanied by the breeze and the waves.

With the waves that are not too big, on this beach you can spend time with your beloved family. Held a mattras, preparing the provisions that you have prepared from the house. Then eat and enjoy your foods with a family while enjoying the beautiful panorama of the sea will surely add to the warmth of the family.

For you who bring small children, Tanjung Lesung beach is also suitable for a family tour. You can invite family members to travel on this beach. Your child will surely love to swim and play sand on the beach while you capture the moment with the camera.

If you love the diversity of marine biota, you can do diving activities. By diving, you can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs, jellyfish, and also slugs that swim downstream in the water. Various types of fish are also seen in the sidelines of the coral reefs.
Interested in knowing more about the coral reefs? You can learn how to transplant coral reefs in a conservation area located in the middle of the beach. Of course, this will be a new and unforgettable experience for you. In addition to enjoying the beauty, you also preserve the existing marine biota.

Don't have the courage to dive? You can snorkel. By snorkeling you do not need to swim, just walk on the reef using the equipment that has been provided, you can already enjoy a variety of marine biota closer.

Tanjung Lesung Beach Jet Ski

Would you like more fun activities? Invite friends or family to ride a banana boat or jet ski. For those of you who like activities that test patience, fishing is the answer. Fishing here is worth the try because this beach is home to many fishes.

The position of Tanjung Lesung Beach is not directly facing the sea so the waves are not too big, the wind is not too tight. This is what makes Tanjung Lesung beach become the best location for fishing.

Do you want more relaxing? You can sit in the tourist hut on the beach while sunbathing and enjoy a cup of coffee. As you tan your skin, you will be treated to a view of low-flying birds trying to catch fish from the fishermen.

A new experience you can feel in addition to visiting coral reef conservation is visiting Liwungan Island. To reach the island you can use a fishing boat or a speedboat about 30 minutes away. At Liwungan Island, you can enjoy the towering beauty of the Sunda Strait and Krakatau volcano.

You can also walk through a fishing village located not far from this tourist attraction. The fishing village is "Kampung Cipanon" which also offers unique outbound packages like Fishing culture tourism, sunrise boat trip, feeding seagulls, coral reef conservation tours, and fun games in Liwungan Island.

If you visit this beach on Saturday, you can enjoy typical dishes served at various restaurants located by the beach. The specialty is a barbeque from a variety of delicious seafood.

Do You Want To Stay In Tanjung Lesung Beach?

Let's check out the villa and hotel below :

Tanjung Lesung Villa is a classy villa. There are villas with indoor swimming pools or non-swimming pool facilities.

Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel
At Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel You will get a very comfortable room. With AC, warm water, TV, refrigerator and exotic architecture two-story room with wooden walls and floors, you are guaranteed to feel very comfortable to stick to it.

Backpacker Tent
This backpacker tent is designed especially for those who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors. With very affordable prices starting from IDR. 50,000 can already accommodate 2 peoples. Bathroom facilities, Internet, free flow tea/coffee we have provided. Plus the snorkeling voucher or bicycle or sea kayak. A romantic place to sleep outdoors. There are bonfires with special requests.

All Information About Tanjung Lesung Beach

Tanjung Lesung Admission Ticket Price
  • Weekdays : IDR. 25,000
  • Weekend : IDR 40,000
Complete Address : Tanjungjaya village, Panimbang district, Pandeglang regency, Banten province 42281

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