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Tegal Mas Island-The Maldives in Indonesia

Beautiful beaches
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Tegal Mas Island-The Maldives in Indonesia

Hello guys, do you want to spend your summer holiday with your friends, companions and your family but confused about where to go? So, Why you don't try to travel to Indonesia? Indonesia is a very big and beautiful country. There are a lot of beautiful beaches, natures, heritages, and many more places which so excited to be visited.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia is in Lampung province, Sumatera island. There are many beaches and island tourism, one of the most popular is Tegal Mas Lampung Island. And this island is the most widely visited island by local and foreign tourists.

Tegal Mas island and Puncak Mas are still in touch because those places are owned by the same owner. Do you want to know more about location, travel route, facilities, photo spot, and price of admission, and accommodation prices in Tegal Mas Island? So, let's check an article below.

Location of Tegal Mas Island

The location of Tegal Mas Island is located in Pesawaran regency, Lampung. Tegal Mas Island itself is located across from Sari Ringgung Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Lampung province also.

Tegal Mas Island Travel Route

If you have come from Bandar Lampung City, you can go through to RE Martadhinata road and then pass Duta Wisata Beach, Tirtayasa Beach, Villa Gardenia, Queen Artha Beach, Mutun Beach, Hanura Market. The left side of the road is the entrance to Sari Ringgung Beach. From there you can cross by boat charter to Tegal Mas Island, and it will take about 1,5 hours.

Also, you can ride public transportation or in here it is called "Angkot", You have to go down before the gate of Pantai Sari Ringgung. From there you walking to reach Sari Ringgung Beach.

In addition to enjoying Sari Ringgung beach, you can also experience the sand arising from Sari Ringgung Beach, floating Mosque, and also Hill view of Sari Ringgung Beach.

Entrance Ticket Price

Types Of Price
  • Per person IDR. 40,000 – IDR. 50,000
  • Boat charter IDR. 250,000
  • Lodging Cottage (According to room and person) IDR. 1,750,000 – IDR. 5.000.000
  • Admission fee for Sari Ringgung Beach: IDR. 25,000 (bike parking included) or IDR. 30.000 (car parking fee included)
  • The entrance fee of Tegal Mas Island: IDR. 40,000
Or you can join the open trip by booking with a tour guide through Instagram or social media directly to the tour provider. The price offered is around IDR. 150,000 – IDR. 170,000.

Facilities in Tegal Mas Island

Here you will enjoy some of the facilities that have been provided by the manager of Tegal Mas Island, such as :

1. Snorkeling Equipment

Not to be comfortable if the island of Tegal Mas does not feel snorkeling here, because the beach and the sea are so clean. The watercolor is clear blue to forage. You can see the coral reefs and fish Nemo are beautiful and nice.

2. Banana Boat and Jet Ski

In addition to snorkeling underwater, you can ride a banana boat and jet ski. It will be more fun if you come and ride with your family and friends.

3. Lodging In The form Of Cottage And Villa

You also can relax or stay in cottages and villas. Experience the relaxing enjoyment of the island's unbeatable beauty.

4. Places To Eat Or Cafe

After getting tired of visiting the interesting spots of Tegal Mas Island, you can enjoy food and drinks that can fill your stomach. Of course, it will make feel excited again.

5. The Musholla (Muslim praying place) floating Tegal Mas Island

Wherever you should never leave a praying duty of worship to Allah Almighty, and here you can pray in the middle of the sea or the island.

6. Rinse Or Toilet Room

You do not have to worry about the place of the rinse because here the facility of the rinse or toilet is fully equipped.

7. Gazebo

Here you can rest or unwind by enjoying a cottage or gazebo. And you can see the beauty of the sea in Tegal Mas Island.

Boat rental price from Sari Ringgung Beach

From Sari Ringgung beach, you can rent a boat to Tegal Mas Island. The rental price is determined per vessel, at a price of about IDR. 250,000 per ship. It's cheaper to invite your friends or family as more and more cheaper. You can be negotiated with the shipowner.

Cottages and Villa Tegal Mas Island
  • Tegal Mas Island Cottages
  • Tegal Mas Island Lodges
  • The Price of cottages in Tegal Mas Island is expensive, ranging from 1 million upwards to 5 million rupiahs per night.
For the alternate one, you can choose Sakura Hill Lampung, which cheaper than that place. Some cottages can accommodate up to 10 people, and there is also a stay package that is a maximum of 3 people. There is an extra bed charge when adding people or other amenities.

Complete Address : Gebang, Padang Cermin, Pesawaran regency, Lampung

That's an article about Travelling To Tegal Mas Island, The Maldives in Indonesia.

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