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Toba Lake -The Most Beautiful Lake In North Sumatra Province, Indonesia

Toba Lake -The Most Beautiful Tourist Destination In North Sumatra, Indonesia
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Toba Lake is one of the largest lakes in Indonesia. This Lake located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Toba Lake has a length of around 100 km and a width of around 30 km. This Lake has a depth of water about 450 meters. This lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sumatra Island. Toba Lake has a natural beauty which is very exotic, so it will make domestic and foreign tourists interesting to visit.

Toba Lake is one of the natural tourist destination which is very beautiful, has cool and fresh air, with the blue and clean water. This Lake is surrounded by the green of the pine trees that will make you feel so relax and comfortable. Toba Lake is a volcanic lake formed by the eruption of Mount Toba in thousands of years ago. The eruption of this Mountain causes caldera or crater. And then, this caldera filled with water up into the lake as we see today. The explosion was very unusual until the resulting volcanic ash scattered almost all over the globe and cause mass mortality, reducing about 60% of the number of citizenship at that time. According to the researchers, these eruptions also affect the Earth's climate and weather that enters the ice age.

If we see, in the middle of Toba Lake, there is an island called Samosir Island and added a wonderful atmosphere at Toba Lake. Samosir Island has two small lakes that called Aek Lake Natonang and Sidihoni Lake. If we make comparisons, Samosir island has an area almost as large as the state of Singapore. Batak tribes who live on Samosir island still adhere to ancestral beliefs. They also still used and run the usual rituals of our ancestors.

In the Samosir Island also has two villages which always visited by many tourists, these villages called Tomok and Tuktuk. Tomok village has many interesting attractions such as the tomb of King Sidabutar, Batak Museum, and the puppet dance Sigale-gale. On another side, Tomok village has many historical sights.

What Kind Of Interesting Thing In Toba Lake?

Dolls Sigale-gale has become one of the characteristics of tourist spots in Sumatra Island. With the 1,5 meter high wooden dolls complete with custom clothing of Batak tribes, can dance tortor together. Sigale-gale dance performances also can be seen in some of the tourist attractions in the Toba Lake Museum Huta Bolon and others.

Batak House
Batak house, via flickr

Toba Lake Festival is an annual event in collaboration between the local Government of North Sumatra and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia. The event was held between August to September every year.

In Toba Lake festival, held a wide variety of cultural performances and competitions for people ranging from dance performances to ornamental boat race. In there you can also find a variety of culinary delights and hunting Ulos (Traditional Batak Tribe Clothing) with beautiful fabrics during the festival.

What You Can Do In Toba Lake?

Here, you can do a lot of activities such as playing Jetsky, surround the lake by boat, ride banana boot, watching various dances with traditional customs, watching the boat racing, see the natural phenomenon stone pendants and many more.

How About The Souvenirs And Culinary?

In the around of Toba Lake, The Batak tribe is populated with a variety of cultural uniqueness. For typical souvenirs of Batak society was also diverse, ranging from unique guitars which made from a wood typical hobo, until the ancient calendar which is written by hand, and many more. Shopping a unique and antiques of the Batak tribe is exist on the island. One of them, called fabric Ulos. Ulos fabric is woven fabrics, usually has a red, white and black color.

For culinary, many unique culinary places are available here, such as Elios Restaurant, Rumba Pizza, Romlan Guest House, Tabo Restaurant and Buddhist Resto all serve dishes whet your appetite.

Some Tips When Visiting Toba Lake :
  • Choose The Right Time
  • Pay a visit from April to August. Because in this month, the weather was sunny there, so you can enjoy a tour of Toba Lake comfortably.
  • The advantage for you if visit Toba Lake, when local communities are doing a ritual or a party at Toba Lake. You can witness some of the exciting events.
  • If you want to get the nice photos of Toba Lake, you can choose in the Morning at 05:30 until 06:30, or in the afternoon at 16.00 until 17.00. At this time is often referred to as the Golden hours. Because at this moment, the best light is offered in Toba Lake.
Route Trip to Toba Lake

Toba Lake's nearest location that can be accessed by vehicles is Parapat, Simalungun.
From Pinang Baris bus station in Medan (The capital of North Sumatra), the bus ride to Parapat. The journey from field to seal spent about 6 hours. From Parapat, you can witness the beauty of Toba Lake. If you want to go to Samosir Island, you can cross by ferry Ship from Port Ajibata towards Tuktuk, Samosir Island. This place is the perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of Toba Lake.

Complete address : Jalan Siborong Borong - Parapat, Sibaganding, Girsang Sipangan Bolon, Sibaganding, Girsang Sipangan Bolon, Kabupaten Simalungun, Sumatera Utara 21174

Welcome to Indonesia and let's see Toba Lake -The Most Beautiful Tourist Destination In North Sumatra, Indonesia.

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