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Traveling To Anyer Beach, Sambolo Beach And Florida Beach In Banten Indonesia

Indonesian Beach

IDN Travel-Talking about beach tourism seems less complete if we do not review about Anyer beach in the western coastal area of Java Island. Anyer Beach area is a tourist attraction in Banten province which is one of the favorite destinations and destinations for tourists who come to the province of Banten.


Anyer Beach is a white sandy beach area with a smooth texture and soft, blue seawater and the waves are not too big, make Anyer beach looks exotic and beautiful. For this reason, Anyer Beach is always crowded in the visit both on ordinary days and during school holidays, holidays or New year.

In the area of Anyer beach, you will not only be served with the beautiful natural scenery of the beach but you can do many things as well as fun games such as surfing, snorkeling, or walking in the sand A gentle beach.

Besides bathing on the beach, in the Anyer Beach area is also many in offers various games are very interesting to try, such as a banana boat, boating to the middle of the sea, Jetski and many others.

After bathing on the beach, we can also relax in many stalls lined up around Anyer beach. We can enjoy the fresh coconut ice at a relatively affordable price.

Also, we can order food along with other family members with grilled fish menu, and various other seafood dishes. The price is also not too expensive, just fitting with our pockets. But it's good to ask first the price of the food you ordered to know about how much money to prepare. Don't be shy or even later regret because there are only naughty sellers and food vendors selling food too high. If the food we have eaten is sure we are all right? So much better if you ask the price first instead?


Indonesian Beach
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So for you not to be missed to visit the coastal area of Anyer in your holiday destination. Traveling with family always gives a meaningful impression in our lives.

The coastal area in the province of Banten, especially in the area along Anyer Beach, many coastal areas have beautiful natural scenery of the coastal landscape. One of the beaches is quite famous and many visited by many tourists especially domestic tourists are Sambolo beach.

Sambolo Beach is a beach tourism area that offers the beautiful Landscape of coastal coastline. Sambolo Beach area serves beautiful and enchanting white-sand beaches.

In addition to the beautiful and interesting beach view, Sambolo Beach area also offers the other side of culinary tourism in the form of local food Banten.

As for the accommodation and facilities available at Sambolo Beach is also quite complete and good, so you do not have to worry if you want to have a holiday to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach that is in Sambolo beach. Starting from the Inn, hotel, restaurant and so on are available there.

The following is information about the admission price of Sambolo Beach tourism area as I quote from the management page of Sambolo Beach tourism Area:


The admission ticket price at Sambolo beach area includes cheap and relatively affordable categories by anyone who intends to go there. And the following is the admission price of Sambolo beach:

1. Admission Ticket per person without carrying a vehicle of Rp. 10,000
2. By carrying a motorcycle of IDR. 20,000
3. By carrying a private car vehicle of IDR. 75,000, it includes a ticket of the person who took it.
4. By carrying a car bus vehicle medium size of IDR. 500,000, it includes a ticket for the person who is on the bus.
5. By carrying a car bus vehicle medium size of IDR. 800,000, it includes a ticket for the person who is on the bus.


Then about the price of rent or tariff of various types of services such as rental of lodging, rental of tents and so on, namely:

1. Sanitary facility of IDR. 3,000 disposable.
2. Rent the Lesehan (Saung) for small size of IDR. 80,000
3. Rent a Lesehan place (Saung) large size of IDR. 100,000
4. Tent rental for IDR. 20,000
5. The rental stage for the event amounting to IDR 30,000 per meter.
6. Rent music dangdut amounting to IDR. 3.5 million (included with the cost of the singing of 2 people).


The rental price of some games that are on the beach Sambolo, among others:

1. Water Donut Game rides IDR. 180,000 for a time game with five people.
2. Game rides Banana boat IDR. 180,000 with the number of six people for one time game.
3. ATP games of IDR. 50,000 for the one-time game.
4. Jetski game for IDR. 180,000 for one game with the duration of the games 10 minutes with personnel 2 people.


For those of you who want to ask for information about Sambolo Beach, you can contact the contact number of the Sambolo Beach manager.

Some of Sambolo beach area management numbers are listed on their official website as follows:

1. Telephone number 081384837446
2. Telephone number 087701444456
3. WA number at 081384837446

Want to settle for vacation? Visit Sambolo Beach in Anyer, Banten.


Florida Beach is one of the beaches that are the main destination of tourists who come to the tourist area of Anyer. Florida Beach is a tourist attraction of Anyer Banten Beach is quite famous for its Sunsetnnya beauty. The beauty of Florida beach in the sunset is very beautiful and enchanting. It makes anyone who has come to visit and enjoy the sunset atmosphere there want to come back to this Florida beach.

Florida Beach is one of the very cheap beach tourism places in the Anyer tourism area if we compare it with other beaches that are there. To be able to enter the beach area you will only be charged ten thousand rupiahs to come to this beach. And you can already enjoy the beautiful beach with a very amazing sunset moment.

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In addition to this enchanting sunset view in the coastal area of Florida, you will also be served with other scenery that is a vast stretch of white sand, and probably the widest in Anyer area. Facilities available There are also quite complete such as lodging, places to eat and so on. This place is very definitely recommended for you who have a minimal budget but are satisfied to have a holiday on the beautiful beach.

Here is some information that may be useful for you, including:

Admission Ticket Price

The price of admission to the coastal area of Florida is very cheap which is ten thousand rupiahs (IDR. 10,000,-) on weekdays. While on holidays the entry price is no change or the same as the ordinary day. But to be safe you better prepare more money, who knows the ticket prices change.

Operational Hours

Following the policy of the management of the Florida Beach tourism area that the coastal area's operational hours are from 05.00 am-8.00 pm.

That is an article about Traveling To Anyer Beach, Sambolo Beach And Florida Beach In Banten Indonesia. Let's come to Indonesia and enjoy you vacation in here.

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