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Carita Beach- The Most Perfect Beauty Of Beach In Banten Province, Indonesia

The Perfect Beauty Of Beach
image: pexels

Indonesia is a very big and beautiful country. Indonesia also has so many beautiful natures, beaches, cultures, and heritages which is so recommended to be explored. One of the popular and beautiful beaches in Indonesia is Carita beach, which is located in west java island and near Sunda strait and also mounts child of Krakatoa.

Carita Beach is a very popular beach in Banten province, Indonesia which has a perfect view and landscape. The romantic view of this Beach is able to whisk everyone who visits this beach. Therefore, it is no wonder in every coming holiday season.

A lot of tourists go to visit this beach every day. They come from domestic tourists or foreign tourists like Europe, United States, Australia, Japan, and many more.

Various rides of the game are already prepared to entertain the visitors. In addition, the officers also deployed cleaning officers to help maintain the environment. By the cleanliness of this beach, this beach is really so interesting to visit.

Almost all of the people called this beach as Carita Anyer or Anyer Carita. The uniqueness of this area is its location. As an administrative, actually this beach does not include the district of Anyer but included the District of Pandeglang, Banten Province.

This beach is very easy to be accessed. So, this is the reason why many tourists choose to unwind.

Spending time off at Carita Beach Banten Province. Besides the people of Banten, many people which come from the outside of the city who also make use of this area as a place to warm togetherness with the family.

Brief History Of The Carita Beach

Behind its impressive charm, there is a history of the Carita Beach that can be peeled. Where one of them is this place as the torture territory of indigenous people. In the days of the Dutch East Indies, precisely in the year 1809 to the year 1810, they were tortured and told to work.

If we read from history, the Dutch Government was trying to increase its commodities to export. They trying to suppress indigenous people to work more vigorous morning to night, so on. But in the year of 1883, Mount Cracatoa had erupted tremendously. In other words, the Krakatoa eruption has to present the myths of the Carita beach itself.

After the colonialism period is ended, finally In the year 1978, the area was designated as a natural tourism park. This designation was done by the agriculture minister at the time. With this determination, the area of Carita beach slowly but surely began to grow and visited by many tourists.

The Enchantment Of Carita Beach

It is not wrong if many people will be an idol in this area as one of the best beaches in Indonesia. Carita Beach white sand is a sight that will never be undisputed beauty.

Just looking around, from one corner to another corner again, this white sand seems to be firmly attached. it looks unified and beautiful. Interestingly, when exposed to exposure to sunlight. This white sand will sparkle like a diamond that is able to hypnotize all eyes that look.

Meanwhile, this beach also has a very hot atmosphere to visit because of its uniqueness. However, it will be struck by the cool winds that never cease to blow. Enjoy the Carita beach usually by sitting under a tree and listening to the sounds of nature singing in a melodious. Security issues, this area deserves a thumbs-up. Because there is a beach guard who will be pacing here and there. So, no need to worry if there is anything, the beach attendant is ready to help with the Sprightly.

In addition, the tourists will also be served with the charm of the mountain child of Cracatoa standing with the collapse. See two charms being one like this it feels quiet and comfortable. As if the world was present without any problems.

Diving And Snorkeling

Many people come to the beach because they want to dive and snorkeling. They want to see an impressive and adorable marine biota. Also, they want to see the funny behaviors of many fishes that try to invite us to chat.

The underwater of the marine biota of Carita beach is very beautiful and impressive. The ornamental fishes will gather and swim together into one. Play among the coral reefs that seem to be home to them. So, don't forget to bring the camera so that every moment in this place can be captured perfectly.

Tourists can enjoy it a full day. If, already tired of diving more breeding up to the mainland. Then, relaxed first between stretches of beach sand that warm because it is exposed to sunlight. What a busy and enjoyable day.

The game in this place not only enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs only. For tourists, who can not snorkel or dive. Enjoying the beach lips is also interesting. Its breadth, tourists can do anything.

Pull mine attraction often used to establish a fellow officer in the holiday or on special days. They will come and visit this beach and do a game that will add to their solidarity, like pull mine.

Diving and Snorkling
image : pexels

There are also many games, like the banana boat games that can be used to spur adrenaline and slightly shed all the burden on the chest. You can also drive an ATV and enjoy the area from one corner to another corner of this beach. Discover all beautiful panoramas around this beach.

If the race above the beach lips is an ancient thing. So, race on the water can also be selected. By renting jetski equipment, tourists can enjoy their fun through the thin waves.
Well, if tourists can not but want to try, here also have provided a guide. Where the function of this guide will give some basic techniques in driving a jetski.

Address And Route Location

The address of Carita Beach is in Carita District, Sukarame, Pandeglang, Banten Province. There are two alternative avenues that can be used.

The first route of tourists can start from Jakarta city. Drive to the Peacock toll road, until the Serang city area. Then, continue the journey to the city of Pandeglang until arriving in the Labuhan area. From here, the distance to the Carita beach is very close, so the tourists can use the signage that is widely available.

The same route from Jakarta to Serang by using Merak toll road crossing. The difference is that the journey continues towards Palima. Then, head to Batukuwung, to Carita Beach with a nearby Jatrak.

You can also use Google Maps that we provide below to go to the beach location.

The entrance to Carita Beach is 15 thousand rupiahs (Eq $1.1). Still added with a parking fee of 10 thousand rupiahs (Eq $0.8) for the visitor who ride motor vehicles and for visitor who ride a car will be charged a fee of 15 thousand rupiahs (Eq $1.1).

For game rides, such as snorkeling equipment rental will be charged at 50 thousand rupiahs (Eq. $3.6). Enjoying banana boat tourists have to pay money of 25 thousand rupiahs (Eq. $1.6).

Renting an ATV for 15 minutes is 25 thousand rupiahs (Eq. $1.6). For those who want to play jet ski can spend 30 – 50 thousand rupiah (Eq. $2.1 - $3.6).

This is the beauty of Indonesia that is represented by Banten province. Where the scenery is presented is in the country of fairy tales. Come and enjoy a variety of fun at Carita Beach. Don't forget to invite friends, companions, relatives, and everyone to come to this place.

Information about Carita Beach
Complete Address : Sukarame, Carita, Regency Pandeglang, Banten 42264

Enjoy your traveling and see you in Indonesia

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