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Pahawang Island-The Most Beautiful Beach In Lampung Province, Indonesia

Beautiful Beach
image via pixabay

Pahawang Island, Lampung in one of the very popular Maritime tourism destination in Indonesia. For the traveler who is a nautical enthusiast, Indonesia is like heaven that will never run out. In the beautiful islands, there is always any of a charming beach.

Meanwhile, the imitate sea extends not only to complement its panoramic but also to save the enchanting underwater kingdom. All forms of beauty can be represented by one island alone, one of them is Pahawang Island.

Pahawang refers to a cluster of islands that decorate the sea in southern Lampung province, precisely in "Punduh Pidada", District of "Pesawaran". The Area of the island is divided into two, that is Pahawang Besar (Great Pahawang) and Pahawang Kecil (Little Pahawang).

As the main island, Great Pahawang has an area of approximately 1,000 ha and is inhabited around 900 family heads. As for the small Pahawang area is only about 13 ha with some villas and cottages that are private resort belongs to foreign nationals.

In the past, Pahawang Tour as one of Indonesia's maritime tourism paradise is heard. However, as many tourism packages promotion of Pahawang island, Lampung province by a travel agency, this island and its surroundings become very popular among tourists, both domestic and foreign.

If the tourist is interested in a holiday in Pahawang, the island can be visited all year round, but the most ideal time is usually in the range from May to August.

Things To Do In Pahawang

image via flickr

By its potential, Pahawang snorkeling is a major activity. Although the island is said to be divided into two, in the tour of Pahawang, there are at least four main islands that usually serve as tourist destinations.

Besides the Great Pahawang and small Pahawang island, there is also a great Kelagian island and little Kelagian. Many snorkeling spots scattered around the four islands, the most popular is the park "Nemo Tour " as a place to enjoy the natural habitat of fish Nemo.

Beautiful coral
image via flickr

Island hopping is a must-do activity to spread the exploration. In addition to enjoying different snorkeling spots, each island certainly offers a panorama of its nature.

Pahawang also allows other activities besides pampering the eyes with the beauty of the underwater. Pahawang Beach and other beaches in the surrounding island tend to be beautiful that is certainly worth exploring. Let you enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset, and see the flora and fauna of mangrove forest.

Tourist Facilities In Pahawang

All facilities can generally be found at Pahawang Besar (Great Pahawang). To be known, on this island has not got electricity supply, so there is no electricity here. Local people generally use generators to get electricity all day long.

There are several accommodation facilities and lodging on the island, some villas and dozens of homestays scattered in three Dusun, which called Pagetahan, Jelarangan, and Cukuh Nyai.

The Cost Of Tourism To Pahawang Island

For a self-service trip, try the holiday together at least 4 peoples for a cheaper fee. From Bakauheni Port to Ketapang it costs about IDR. 50,000 to take a bus from Bakauheni Port to Rajabasa bus station at Bandar Lampung (The capital of Lampung Province), take the public transportation (it's called Angkot) to Tanjung Karang, as well as take a pick-up transport to Ketapang pier. You can also rent a car around IDR. 200,000 – IDR. 250,000.

Furthermore, the cost of boat rental to Pahawang Island is around IDR. 400,000 – IDR. 500,000 which can accommodate up to 25 peoples. Other options, You can rent a daily boat to be used for Island Hopping. Meanwhile, for homestay usually at the tariff around IDR. 200,000 – IDR. 500,000 that can accommodate up to 4 peoples.

The tourism fee of Pahawang is certainly very varied and always depends on how to go there, especially when you choose to use the Service tour package Pahawang.

The price of Pahawang island, Lampung tour package is usually around IDR. 250,000 – IDR. 450,000 per person. For holiday, the best advice is to use the offer from the travel agency. Be sure to choose the open Trip Tour service.

Location Of Pahawang Island

The location of Pahawang island, Lampung is located in the District Punduh Pidada, District Pesawaran, Lampung province, with a route to the island Pahawang takes us about 2 hours from the center of Bandar Lampung.

But for you, a backpacker can go to Pahawang Island, Lampung is around IDR. 200,000 (without eating, drinking, and other purposes) or can also use the services of the island tour package of Pahwang worth about IDR. 450.000.

Well besides trying snorkeling on the island of Pahawang, you can also try snorkeling at the Ringgung Sari Beach. The location is before the island of Pahawang if from the direction of Bandar Lampung.

Spot On Pahawang Island

For a snorkeling spot in addition to the Nemo garden, you will find coral reefs and many tropical fishes with different colors and sizes. You can also swim with them even feeding.
Besides Pahawang Island, there are many tours that you can visit around the island. The Tours are followed:
  • Great Kelagian Island
  • Little Kelagian Island
  • Park Nemo Tourism
  • Cape End
Pahawang Island is one of the special islands to visit. Make sure not to ruin it with garbage or anything else if you have a chance to stop by there.

And for a backpacker who will go to Pahawang Island, be sure to maintain your physical health before traveling.

Also, complete and suitable equipment needs to be prepared for the holidays to be uninterrupted. Also, be sure to provide a good camera with lots of memory and battery to make your holiday even more memorable.

All information about Pahawang Island

Completed Adress : Punduh Pidada, Pesawaran regency, Lampung

That's is all information about Pahawang Island, Lampung. Hopefully, this article and information will be useful and give some added value to you.

Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoy your traveling.

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