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The Beauty Of Dieng Plateau At Central Java, Indonesia

The Natural Beauty Of Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo Central Java, Indonesia
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Dieng Plateau is at an altitude of 2,093 above sea level, located between two districts of Banjarnegara and Wonosobo, Central Java Province. The scenery is very beautiful and has been a center of cultural development in Indonesia. Around the end of the 19th century, many tourists have visited and traveled to Dieng Plateau especially the Dutch people.

Let's check and explore the Dieng Plateau tour in Central Java, Indonesia and discover the 1001 uniqueness of nature and the most distinctive local culture.

Interesting attractions in Dieng Plateau

The natural beauty of Dieng Plateau is an invaluable grace, as a mainstay of Central Java, Dieng Plateau which is entered in the administration of Wonosobo and Banjarnegara offers more than 37 tourism objects that have been recognized by the world. We are exploring the list of attractions in Dieng with original documentation that has been captured throughout the year.

Dieng Plateau with all of natural phenomena and culture makes anyone who visits to be amazed. In the past when some Dutch peoples often visit Dieng tourism object certainly not without reason even they dare to promote to European countries are willing to visit Dieng Plateau.

The combination of natural landscape and cultural grandeur of the remnants of the past makes Dieng Plateau has its own added value compared to others, many people who have visited various tourist attractions throughout the world, and there are rare things like Dieng in the matter of distance, travel between objects, almost all tourism objects are Inhabited by each other close to the Axis area.

Let's check 2 popular places in Dieng Plateau as below :

1. Golden Sunrise Sikunir (Sikunir Hill)

Golden Sunrise Sikunir
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Golden Sunrise is a privilege bestowed by God to mankind, where visible majesty of God through his creations, the golden sunrise that can be enjoyed from Hill Sikunir, is the most beautiful gift for anyone visiting Sikunir to enjoy the natural beauty that rarely has its unmatchless.

To reach Sikunir Hill, You have to pass through Sembungan village which is the tallest village in Java Island, located 7 Km from Dieng Shaft. You can use private vehicles or motorcycle considering there is no public transportation to the village.

The condition of asphalt road from Dieng to Sembungan village, there are some spots are damaged and the night condition is very dark because there is no lighting the street lights along the road to the location, but it does not discourage tourists to visit, The usually dark path will be brightly lit by the many lights of vehicles that pass through the road, every Saturday night and the Sunday night thousands of people visit Sikunir to enjoy sunrise.

One of the reasons why Sikunir is very crowded is because the track is very short to reach the top, so small children and old people will also be very easy until the Sikunir hill, this is of course very different with the actual mountain climb which takes 3-4 hours, to the top of Sikunir from the parking lot only takes about 45 minutes with tracks without going uphill.

The night trip usually starts at around 4.30 AM at the morning, take uphill trails, punctuated with cheerful that can relieve tired, three peaks that can be used as a place to wait for the sun, thick jacket worn, Slayer is installed to warm the neck, the hand shirt is worn, considering that the Sikunir, this air is very cold even in the dry season can be below 4 degree Celsius, the cold in this location is indeed a unique experience for visitors even many compare it to the places that have been visited in Europe as well as in America as foreign tourists who always visit the Sikunir is a mandatory menu of their travels.

From the top of the Hill is seen the flickering the lights of the villages that are underneath, slowly from the east horizon appears yellowish rays, the longer the color is clearer, such as the eyes of the angel gently peep finally appear perfectly forming The circle, the middle point of the red- light and the light yellowish glow around, the sun appears perfectly visible from Sikunir Hill, there is an incredible view, the mountains and hills are flaky, covered in thin clouds like a veil, meanwhile on the south side of the mountain is seen Sindoro Mountain, a little bit overshadow mount Sumbing, looks so magnificent, ranging from silhouettes to then reveal its graceful authenticity, Merbabu, and Merapi looks so enchanting, In front of the eyes, visible perfection of nature paintings presented like the opening of a romantic movie.

Euphoria and excitement occurred at the time of the sun, even many of the mountains that clamoring and stunned to witness the moment like this, deserve to finally many who crowned Golden Sunrise Sikunir is a sunrise Asia's prettiest.

The sun's rise in the golden color begins to turn into a silver color, visitors usually go to the third peak and a little down to witness the sheen of the watercolor of the lake and the lifting mist that envelops the village of Sembungan, The view from this location is also rare, the beauty of the perfect is at two different angles.

2. Sileri Crater
Sileri Crater
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If there is a question about the widest crater in the area of Dieng then the answer is the Sileri Crater, located in Kepakisan Village or in the middle of the journey from Kepakisan to Bitingan hot spring. Sileri Crater is the most active crater and has erupted several times that had been recorded in 1944, 1964, 1984, 2003, 2009. The current crater condition is very safe to visit and become Favorite tourists who want to see the natural phenomenon of Dieng as up close.

Crater with an area of about 4 ha, this location can be reached about 15 minutes from the Dieng axle with a distance of 7 Km, along the way we will meet much smoke because around the village is the drilling for the sake of power plants Steam (PLTU) in the middle of the road to the location, we will find a monument that is high enough with Grafir writing about the incident in the past that has occurred in the area of Dieng, not long then we will reach the location of the crater located next to the down the road to Bitingan Hot spring.

Get off the vehicle, which we will feel is the coolness of Dieng air that feels a bit dry, for those who want to get close to the lips of the crater has provided stairs from concrete lined the fields of the population, then will come to the gazebo that was built by the government for the convenience of visitors. For those who want to be closer also can still down a bit of the road and photos. This picture is very powerful with a thick white smoke background that encircled us.

The view from the gazebo that we are going to see is the crater that keeps the smoke in the hills and fields of the population planted with vegetables. The condition here is quite safe to visit but for the less resistant with sulfur smell very to wear a nasal cover mask.

The name Sileri derived from the Javanese language is call "Leri" or the leftover water of the rice laundry, the crater water that looks silver and flows in the Dolog statue, which is finally named Leri or Sileri, is sorted with watercolor that looks dirty like Leri.


Except for the places above, Sikunir Hill and Sileri Crater, please find below the list of places that you can visit as long as you stay in Dieng Plateau. All of that place is very beautiful.
  • Wind Wailing Stone
  • Sidengkeng Hill Plot 9 Dieng
  • Sembungan Tourism Village
  • Tieng View Station
  • Kailasa Museum
  • Cebong Pond
  • Menjer Lake
  • Pengilon Lake
  • Telaga Warna
  • Dieng Theatre
  • Dieng Savannah
  • Dringo Pond
  • Seroja Valley
That's the article of The Natural Beauty Of Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo Central Java, Indonesia. In the next article, I will explore that place one by one for your reference.

Happy traveling and welcome to Indonesia.

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