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The Best Hotels And Cottages Near Anyer Beach, Banten Province Indonesia

The Best Hotels And Cottages Near Anyer Beach, Banten Province Indonesia
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Anyer Beach is one of the very popular beach tourism which is easily accessible from Jakarta City. The location of this beach is in Anyer sub-district, Serang, Banten. Since most of the areas in this region are beaches, then the beaches along the sub-district are familiarly called Anyer Beach. Anyer Beach is not a single beach, but a collection of many beaches that stretch along the area of Anyer itself. The long coastline with white sand is transformed, which can be a getaway to relieve stress.

While Anyer beach can be reached by the day from Jakarta city, but to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach we should stay for several days in that area. There are many hotels and villas along Anyer beach. The 5 stars and best hotels are around of Anyer beach.
The most recent Hotel in Anyer Beach has a unique room type that is fun. Terrace Ocean, the room with a bathtub on its terrace, so tourists can soak while enjoying the peaceful view of Anyer Sea.

Let's check out the list of the best hotels around Anyer Beach, as follow :


Aston Anyer Beach Hotel offers a haven of rest and relaxation with sea views. The location of Aston Anyer Beach Hotel is right on the beach. Aston Anyer Beach Hotel is also very close to "Karang Bolong" beach.


Facilities owned by the hotel are also complete, ranging from billiard table, table tennis, swimming pool, and sun terrace.

Because of its location right on the beach, Aston Anyer Beach Hotel has a private beach that is assured of the cleanliness of the public beach. However, for Tourists who are looking for watersport around this hotel, the choice is very limited because the beach surrounding Aston Anyer Beach is a lot of coral. But the advantage is that children will be more assured of safety because it is difficult to swim on the beachside. Rates in Aston Anyer Beach Hotel starting from IDR 800,000.

Completed address : Jl. Raya Karang Bolong KM. 139, Coral Suraga, Cinangka, Coral Suraga, Cinangka, Serang, Banten 42167
Phone: (0254) 8495060


Double G Resort Anyer is also one of the very good hotels in Anyer. The cleanliness and the service are satisfactory. Double G Resort Anyer's facilities are also quite complete, such as a billiard table, tennis, pool, barbeque facilities, to playground kids.

The rate for Double G Resort Anyer starts from IDR. 1.5 million.
Completed address : Jl Raya Karang Bolong, KM 148, Sh. Tancang, Bulakan village, Kec. Cinangka, Serang, Banten 42167


The Jayakarta Hotel Anyer Beach Resort is one of the very beautiful places with full facilities around Anyer beach. The Jayakarta Villas Anyer Beach Resort actually is a villa (not a hotel) with a choice of 3 rooms and 4 rooms and a Boutique suite. So Many activities you can do here, playing Tenis, playing basketball, billiard, and water sport.

Rate at The Jayakarta Hotel Anyer start from IDR. 1,200,000.
Completed address: Jl. Raya Karang Bolong Km. 17/135
PH: + 62 254 601781-2
Fax: + 62 254 601783


Patra Comfort Hotel Anyer offers the comfort of a beautiful place with its complete facilities. The Panorama of Anyer Beach can be enjoyed by Tourists from this Hotel.

The 4 rooms type Resort offers 24 hours room service, a bar, laundry, meeting facilities, and a restaurant. Patra Comfort Anyer Beach Resort also offers a garden, swimming pool, tennis court, outbound games and provides boats to cross the "Ujung Kulon" and Mount Krakatau. Located 3 hours from the capital city of Jakarta, this resort can be the right reference for Tourists who want to visit Anyer.

The rate in Patra Jasa Anyer starts from IDR 3 million for Family Suite Cottage.
Completed address : Jl. Raya Karang Bolong KM. 130, Anyer, Tambang Ayam village, Serang, Banten 4246


Do you want to get a Bali vibe without go to Bali? Staying at Nuansa Bali Hotel Anyer. With a traditional Balinese theme, this hotel presents a Balinese holiday atmosphere. The cottage room and bungalows are very beautiful and have very complete facilities.

Completed address : Jl. Raya Karang Bolong KM 133.5, Anyer, Bandulu, Kec. Anyar, Serang, Banten 42166

For you know, around of Anyer beach are many villas, hotels, resorts, and cottages. But usually, these places are a bit expensive rent.

Hereby, I will share with you about choosing a cheap cottage in Anyer with a low tariff. It just starts from IDR 100.000 per night.

Let's find the list of cheap cottages in Anyer, below :


Hotel Allisa is located at Anyer Main Road-Sirih KM 127, Sirij, Anyar, Kec. Anyar, Serang, Banten. The Hotel is quite good, the atmosphere is comfortable and certainly enough to make you relax.

Besides the atmosphere, it is also beautiful with a beach view, the cost of this hotel is also quite cheap. Not only cheap but equipped with a variety of facilities that luxurious. The facilities such as fitness, swimming pool, karaoke, BBQ, coffee shop, billiard and so on.

While in the room is equipped with a refrigerator, bathroom, air-conditioning, TV, and soft mattress of course. Hotel Allisa includes famous hotels in Anyer beach with prices from IDR. 400,287. So worth it right?

Completed address : Jalan Raya Anyer-Sirih KM 127, Sirij, Anyar, Kec. Anyar, Serang, Banten 42166


The tourists are good, you can also rest in this place. The price is cheaper but the facilities are not inferior to others.

Sun Set View Carita has 30 rooms that are equipped with facilities such as the private bathroom, air conditioning, TV, minibar and mini-fridge. It is a very nice place to stay in this area.

Besides that, there are also other facilities that can be enjoyed such as coffee shops, karaoke, swimming pool, restaurant, Wi-Fi area, and others.

Even if you want to travel, the hotel also provides car rental services. So, you don't have to worry because the cost of staying here is very cheap, only starting from IDR. 212,438 or above.

Completed address : Jl. Raya Carita Km. 10, Carita, Sukarame, Pandeglang, Kabupaten Pandeglang, Banten 42431


A good Traveler, surely we want a private resting place, especially if we are traveling with our family.

Well for that, this hotel really fits the needs of the visitors. Some of the facilities are also very adequate such as the living room, swimming pool, garden, kitchen, BBQ, and especially again close to the beach.

Staying at this hotel is quite comfortable, the rooms are spacious and equipped with a refrigerator, DVD, air conditioning and TV. The price is also cheap enough only starting from IDR. 410,054.

Completed address :Jl. Raya Karang Bolong KM. 134, Bandulu, Anyer, Bandulu, Serang, Banten 65100


This Resort is located on Pasaruan Main Road, KM 150. The position is close to the beach, so you can enjoy the beauty of the beach directly.

The facilities provided by the hotel are quite complete such as a swimming pool, restaurant, and coffee shop, while the room is already equipped with TV, bathroom, and air-conditioning. Quite a little relaxation

Not much different from the previous hotel, this hotel also gives a cheap with a tariff from IDR. 360,744 only.
Completed address :JL Raya Pasauran, Km. 150, Cibaru, Cikoneng Anyer, Pasauran, Serang, Banten 42167


The Hotel has a modern design but the cost is quite economical, the facilities are also quite complete. For example, there is a swimming pool, coffee shop, restaurant, bar, billiard and so on.

Moreover, each room is equipped with air conditioning, TV, private bathroom, refrigerator, and there is even a hairdryer.

The Hotel is located on Karang Bolong Main Road KM 139. So do not forget to always pay attention to the comfortable place to stay, to make your holiday be more fun and not disturbed by anything.

This modern hotel offers cheap rates, only starting from IDR. 598,000.
Completed address : Jl. Raya Karang Bolong No.KM.139, Karang Suraga, Kec. Cinangka, Serang, Banten 42167


The Hotel is located on the beachfront of Carita beach, which is on the Carita-Labuan km 7 highway. As it is near to the beach, the hotel surely has a beautiful atmosphere. Therefore, if you stay at this hotel, it will be very impressive.

Not only that, but the hotel also offers several facilities such as a swimming pool, tennis court, karaoke, billiard, and others. As for the bedroom room, also very comfortable. As usual, this room has a TV, air conditioning, a refrigerator, and a private bathroom.

This Hotel also gives offers a cheap tariff, only starting from IDR. 721,488.
Completed address :Jl. Raya Carita Labuan KM. 7, Pandeglang, Carita, Kabupaten Pandeglang, Banten 42264


This hotel is a very nice and attractive design, with the European style room and has complete facilities such as a room with TV, air conditioning, and a private bathroom.
Especially for those of you who are husband and wife, can while beer enjoys food with the atmosphere facing the beach. Beautiful right? The Hotel is located on the highway of Karang Bolong Km 138.

This Hotel also give offers cheap tariffs, only starting from IDR. 336,694.
Completed address : Jl. Raya Karang Bolong KM.138, Sindanglaya, Kec. Cinangka, Serang, Banten 42167

That's an article about Best Hotels And Cottages Near Anyer Beach, Banten Province Indonesia. Hopefully, it will be useful for you.

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