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4 Nightlife In Yogyakarta, Indonesia

4 Nightlife In Yogyakarta, Indonesia
image via [email protected]_wisata_jogja

YOGYAKARTA or commonly abbreviated as Jogja is one of the cities with tourist destinations that you must visit. Student city or education, that's what some people call Jogja.

This city always makes you miss with its cheap "Angkringan", friendly residents, and Malioboro atmosphere that makes anyone miss and want to return to this city immediately.

Favorite tourist destinations when visiting Jogja include its beautiful beaches, diverse cultural and craft tourism, a variety of temples that stand firm, and stunning views of Mount Merapi.

But what if you visit and tour at night, about whether it is as fun and fun. Don't worry, Jogja will never lose and run out of interesting places to visit.

Here are summarized some references tonight tourism destinations in Yogyakarta:

1. Zero Kilometer Point

4 Nightlife In Yogyakarta, Indonesia
imabe via [email protected]_travel

Located at Zero Kilometers Point of Jogja, you will feel like you are in the heart of Yogyakarta. Rarely deserted by visitors, this is the pulse of Yogyakarta City. And you need to know, from point zero this is a witness to the history of the struggle of the people of Jogja and the TNI (Indonesian Army).

This is where March 1, 1949, general offensive took place, in which the TNI and freedom fighters galvanized the Dutch army after dutch military aggression II in December 1948.

The location is strategic because it is among the ranks of old dutch heritage buildings. This area is also known as "Loji". At night, the old buildings in the area are decorated with yellowish mercury lamps that give a romantic and martyred impression.

2. Malioboro

4 Nightlife In Yogyakarta, Indonesia
image via roni.verdinasarani

Everyone must know the area hits in Jogja this one, no exception for travellers. One of the areas that should not be missed seems to be a must-visit when in Jogja. Not considered to Jogja if not yet to Malioboro Street who said.

A gathering place for traders who sell goods such as batik fabrics, trinkets, and others. Now Malioboro has become more and more beautiful.

This tourist attraction in Jogja appears more beautiful and organized. Lately, Malioboro also carries a distinctive aura by the appearance of free-expression freelance artists. Singing, dancing, gendering musical instruments are enlivening this memory-filled street.

If you are visiting this area it is not complete if you have not taken a picture of the Malioboro street sign and it seems like it becomes a mandatory ritual while you are here.

It is usually called alkyd by nearby residents. One of the night tourist attractions hits in Jogja. All travellers can have a relaxing chat with family, friends, or lovers around "Lesehan" alkid.

According to Go Travel Indonesia, famous here is an ornamental rickshaw (odong-odong Jogja) with colorful lights decorated on the rickshaw. With a fare of Rp25,000 to Rp35,000, Okezoners can go around the square while telling a long story enjoying the night atmosphere of Jogja.

3. Rainbow Park

4 Nightlife In Yogyakarta, Indonesia
image via [email protected]_rock

Taman Pelangi is located in the vicinity of the Jogja Kembali Monument which is a monument and history museum of Indonesia's independence struggle. The location is located right in the northern ring area of Jogja City.

The garden offers beautiful views of colorful lanterns, various lamps of various shapes, and various other decorations. Taman Pelangi will make the children more comfortable and reluctant to go home.

As the name suggests, this night tourist spot in Jogja does look prettier at night because Travellers can see the stars and glitter of Jogja at night from above the heights. This location is located on Jogjakarta Street, Wonosari.

On the edge of Bukit Bintang road, you can find dozens of places to eat that serve a variety of dishes and certainly make a warm body when the cold air of Jogja starts to pierce the body. You will also be pampered by the beauty of the Jogja corner that has never been exposed before.

4. Pine Forest Pengger

This pine forest has several photo spots that can only be taken at night. One of them is a giant twig and palm tumpeng.

The spooky impression in this forest will not be you feel because this pine forest grinder has been conjured up in such a way to visit at night. You'll get a brilliant view of the city lights and be alive at night.

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